HEAD OF STATE Queen Elizabeth II represented by Governor General
Governor General H.E. Sir Michael Ogio, KStJ
Prime Minister Hon. Mr Peter O’Niell
Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Mr Leo Dion
Minister of Foreign Minister and Immigration Hon. Mr. Rimbink Pato
Hon. Mr. Rimbink Pato

PNC Party , THE Party, People’s Progress Party, PPP, NA, URP, PP, PUAP, SDP, IPP, PDM, ODP AND UP.

National Parliament Unicameral with 111 Members
Caitalp Port Moresby
Major cities Lae, Mount Hagen, Goroka, Madang, Rabaul
Population 7.1 million (Estimate 2011)
Sex Ratio (No. of males per 100 females) 106
Annual Population Growth Rate 2.8%
Population Density 14 persons per sq km
Life Expectancy at Birth 66 years
Infant Mortality Rate 55 per 1,000 live births
Crude Birth Rate 34 per 1,000 people
Crude Death Rate 11 per 1,000 people
Total Fertility Rate 3.46 children per woman
Literacy Rate (age 10 & above) 57.3%
Labour Force Participate Rate 67.5%
Unemployment Rate Around 12%
Subsistence Employment 67.4%
Wage/Job Employment 10.4%
Geographical location

PNG is the eastern half of New Guinea island, East of Indonesia, 160 kms north of Australia; 12 degree South and 141 and 160 degrees East Longitude. It is composed of 600 islands

Land Area 462,840 sq km
Sea Area (EEZ) 3.1 million sq km
Land boundaries 820 KM with Indonesia
Coastline 5,152 KM
Climate Tropical
Language(s) English (official); ‘Pidgin’, ‘Motu’ and over 800 local languages
Ethnic Group(s)

Predominantly Melanesian, with a small number of Micronesians, Polynesians, Chinese and European descent

Religion(s) Christianity (Catholic, Anglicans, Baptists & Lutherans)
GDP US$ 13 billion
Real GDP Growth 9.5 % - 2012 (est)
Per capita $1800
Foreign Exchange Reserves US$ 3.07 billion (Dec 2010)
Major trading partners Australia, Japan, China, US, Singapore, UK, Korea, Germany
Total Exports US$ 9.7 billion (2011)
Total Imports US$ 3.54 billion (2011)
Total Exports to India US$ 216.94 million in 2010-11
Total Imports from India US$ 21.95 million in 2010-11
Major Export Products to India

Gold, Copper ores and concentrates, crude oil, refined petroleum products, tea, vanilla, cocoa, copra, sawn timber, coffee, palm oil, rubber, marine products, logs

Major Import Products from India

Pharmaceuticals, textiles, machinery, equipment and mechanical appliances, vehicles, food, manufactured goods, footwear, glass and glassware, medical, surgical instruments, paper products

Natural Resources Gold, copper, silver, petroleum, natural gas, timber, oil, fisheries
Currency PNG Kina: 1 Kina (K) = 100 Toea (t)
Exchange Rate 1 US$ = Kina 2.01 (March 2013)
National Day 16 September (Independence Day)
Time difference with India 4-1/2 hours ahead of IST

April 1, 2013